Virtual tour Package

Virtual Tour Package Selections

3D Gaze will design a 3D virtual tour package to suit your business. A 3D virtual tour can range from a basic walk through to including many different elements. External links can be included within a virtual tour. In addition we can add information hotspots, picture or video popups some directional sound, floor plans and maps. Your tour can also be shown on Google Street View.  The tour can be viewed on all devices and formatted for the ultimate VR experience.

Virtual Tour package Basic

The start of any package is an interactive 360 virtual tour. This can consist of a single panorama or multiple panoramas linked together by tour nodes. The linked panoramas are built into a single project allowing the user to move between each panorama by choice.

Projects can also consist of interactive 360 panoramic videos that can cater for Virtual Reality headsets. Get a FREE QUOTE for your project today.

web page address

An image or a thumbnail can be imported and placed into the 360 tour. Your website can be linked to the image. Alternatively the image can be linked any other page on the web. For example your company logo can be placed onto the panorama and linked back to your website.

Tour Nodes and Information hotspots

A node is an object that is displayed in the tour that allows for user interaction once clicked upon. The node is where the different 360 virtual tours are linked to each other to make up a single project. For example if a user wants to go from the master bedroom to the ensuite they can click on the node.  This then takes them into the ensuite where they can pan the panorama at will.

Information Hotspots are nodes that once clicked will display a pop up window.  This window contains information about an object or a place in the tour. In addition information hotspots can also contain images.

Globe view of Homes display home

Picture Hotspot

Picture Hotspots can be added to 360 virtual tour so that  once a viewer clicks on the hotspot a high resolution image of an area or subject will appear. For example in tour of an art gallery a hotspot that is placed near a painting, once clicked will display the painting as an image on the screen.

Virtual Tour Package page image of Film reel and popcorn

Video Hotspot

Video hotspots are similar to picture hotspots but will display as a video instead of an image, the video hotspot can also contain sound. Perhaps you wish to include an introductory message to your clients when they open the panorama. Alternatively it can be action captured on a sporting field or displaying a moving object. Fill out our take action form for a FREE QUOTE today.

Directional and Static Sound

Sounds can be added to your virtual tour package in directional and static format. Directional sound will change as the viewer pans away from the source where static sound remains constant. For example o directional sound could be used where someone is speaking on Stage to audience.

Floor plans and Maps

A custom interactive virtual tour floor plan or map tile can be added to a virtual tour package. These can be set up so that they are hidden from view when not required. An example of this is a home that has the floor plan displayed so that it shows the room the viewer is in and the view that they are facing.

Virtual Tour Package page image of a Floor plan of Taylor Morrison Display

Google Street View

360 virtual tours can also be uploaded to Google Street View. If the 360 virtual tour google street view is a multilevel floor tour we can use Googles Elevator buttons to display the tour. You can then link to the view from your Google business page and auto promote your business. Get your FREE QUOTE today.

Show your 3D Virtual Tour package

If you would like to share your work we will supply you with a fully hosted tour link that will be fully WebVR compliant.  WebVR will create a fully interactive experience directly from our Web hosted link. Most current VR headsets can display WebVR content.

We can also supply the 3D tour link to suite Google Cardboard viewer mode.

Virtual Tour Package page image of a Young man with cardboard headset

For a little extra we will supply you with the files in a HTML5 format ready for you to upload or view on you own computer system. You may need support from your own IT consultant to make this work directly on your system.


Our aim is to help you make sales by producing highly interactive experiences for your customers that will drive sales to your business. The possibilities of what can be achieved through an interactive 3D Panorama is only limited by the imagination. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your project.